The Sewing Croft was created by me, Zoe Roberts in January of 2012.

With a background in personnel and customer service, a Christmas gift of a Cath Kidston book changed my future forever. Having never picked up a needle for anything more than sewing on a button, I set about learning to sew and embroider from books and even used You Tube on how to set up the sewing machine (my mother in law had lent me).

Having realised there was a market for affordable, vintage home decor we set about establishing The Croft as a successful, homebased professional business, sourcing images and designing our own ranges, we love to be exclusive and original.

We have totally fallen in love with designing our own cushions, especially our postcard cushion.

In January 2012 our Etsy shop opened, listing a few handmade hearts and embroidered cushions, after just a short time I had all but abandoned it and realising that the market was flooded with these items I came up with the Postcard Pillow / Cushion. 

Totally and utterly unique. 

We sold our first Postcard Pillow to the US on May  31st 2012. We have not looked back since. To date we have over 1000 sales in our Etsy shop, and customers literally all over the world.

We are and will remain, a business focused on the customer and committed to remaining very affordable. Welcome to The Sewing Croft. 

The Sewing Croft